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What is the purpose of the collet?

What is the purpose of the collet?


Bobbin clamp is a kind of locking equipment for clamping tools or workpieces. It is generally used in drilling and milling machines and machining centers, and is mainly used for clamping tools. The bobbin clamp uses the elastic deformation of the tension spring to clamp the cutter. The clamping is the most simple and convenient, and the requirements for the accuracy of the tool shank are not high. Bobbin holder is a kind of accessory of tool holder, which is suitable for high speed cutting and high efficiency machining. The rigidity is good, and the clamping depends on the nut locking.

The clamping accuracy of bobbin clamp is between 0.001-0.008mm. Cooperative tool handle and nut use, different clamping accuracy is used in different workpiece processing technology, the higher the accuracy requirements for the tool joint part, the higher the accuracy of the collet will be selected, which will directly affect the overall jumping accuracy after clamping the tool, and the high-precision collet will be selected for high-precision processing.

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