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CAT OZ collet chuck

Product description

Brief introduction
DIN6391 CAT OZ Collet Chuck, DIN6388 OZ collet clamping straight shank tools of various sizes, high speed and high precision machining.Mechanical spindle and cutting tools and other accessories.High Precision CAT shank Tool Holder ,balanced G6.3 or G2.5 For choose.
CAT Tool Holders for mechanical spindle and cutting tool and other accessory tool connection. Is a simple, popular spindle shank connection standard, mainly CT30 CT40 CT50... Etc.. Mold industry, and high-speed engraving machine, used more.
Materail: 20CrMnTi
Hardness: HRC 56-58
Max run out: <0.005mm
Taper tolerance: Carbon depth: 0.8mm±0.2mm
Surface Roughness: Ra<0.005mmThe effective length of the handle (Length): 2.76 "
The maximum speed (RPM): 24000-30000 rpm.
The handle body precision (T.I.R.): 0.005mm
Fit spring chuck (Collet Adapter): ER16
Clamp range (Range): 1-10mm
Spring collet precision (T.I.R.): 0.015 / 0.01 /0.008 mm optional
Fit shaft connecting rod (PULL STUD): CAT40
And the main point of agreement (Angle): 30 degrees / 45 degrees /90 degrees optional
The surface hardness (HRC): the surface carburizing hardening (52HRC) or conventional treatment (44-48 HRC) optional
When Order, please specify balancing G6.3 or G2.5
Shank body standard: DIN2080

Products advantages
1. The unique design of nut: high speed cutting, reduce drag and cutting noise and improve work efficiency,Balance for G2.5 30000rpm. G6.3 12000rpm.
2. General purpose high speed, high precision machining, cutting effect is good.
3. special coating surface treatment,improve the hardness and endurance of the surface,cleaness better,accuracy stable,surface
4. higher system accuracy.
5. High hardness, toughness and wear resisance, High thermo stability and high heat resistance
Reminder [tool]
In order to get the better of the cutting surface and extend the life of cutter. Be sure to use the high precision, high rigidity, dynamic balance better handle.
1. the use of the tool, please test tool deflection, the tool deflection accuracy than 0.01MM, please correct it before cutting.
2. The tool chuck out length as short as possible, tool overhang if extended longer, please cut speed, feed rate and cutting amount.
3. in the cutting vibration or sound if abnormal, please cut the spindle speed and cutting amount to the situation has improved.
4. steel cooling with spray or jet is the best suitable way, in order to make the best of high aluminum and titanium. Stainless steel, titanium alloy or alloy to recommend the use of non water soluble cutting fluid.
5. according to the workpiece, cutting machine, software, the above data are for reference only, to be in stable condition after the cutting feed speed to increase 30%~50%.

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