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BT Pull Stud

Product description

Brief introduction
High precision CNC milling lathe BT pull stud, tool stud.Pull studs of minor quality not only decrease the performance of the machine,they are even a safety risk.
A breaking pull stud might cause severe damage on machine and workpiece and even injuries on persons.

● Material: 20CrMnTi;
● Carburization depth:> 0.8;
● Hardness: 54-57HRC;
● Surface "green" special coating treatment, improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, improve cleanliness, more stable accuracy, the surface is more smooth, rust, better corrosion resistance, feel more comfortable and more beautiful appearance.
● Thread and other parts of the lower hardness: 35 ± 5HRC, (protection handle thread, the core hardness can withstand shock);
● Cryogenic treatment and heat aging treatment can reduce the residual stress, improve durability and accuracy of stability;
BT-A: Central coolant without O-ring
BT-B: O-ring without central coolant
Other Model:
BT pull stud, SK pull stud, ISO7388 Pull stud, CAT pull stud, Mazak Pull Stud, MTB Pull Stud, NT pull stud
Pull stud is mainly used for connet the tool spindle and tool holder
Products advantages
1. After heat treatment, and then quenching, cleaning, tempering, pull the nail out hard, not easy to fracture.
2. the use of flexible steel material.
3. BT conical shell cutter shank: 30, 50, 40
4. suitable milling cutter: 13mm-50mm
5. Precision is less than 0.01mm balance 8000rpm. High accuracy can also be made according to your requirements. (g6.3/12000rpm, G2.5 / 20000) 48-55hrc hardness.
6. suitable for pulling the stub with the milling cutter disk is also required.

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