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NT Pull Stud

Product description

Brief introduction
National standard GB 10945-89 "automatic tool change machine tools 7:24 conical tool shank 40,45 and 50 taper shank with a nail" is based on international standards ISO 7388 / 2-1984 developed, the same dimensions, divided into A type and B type two types: A-type pull the tightening surface of the bevel angle of 15 ° for non-ball tightening device, code-named "LDA"; B-type pull the tightening surface angle 45 ° for tensioning with ball bearings, code-named "LDB". Both have through-holes for coolant flow. The company is located in:
The company is located in:
The German standard DIN 6988-1987 has two types A and B, type A with through holes; type B without through holes, but with annular grooves for seals to prevent leakage of coolant from the rear. Both ramps have a taper angle of 15 ° for the tensioning device without the ball. The company is located in:
The company is located in:
Japanese standard JIS B 6339: 1998 only one type of pull studs, pull the tensioning surface of the bevel angle of 15 ° for the tensioning device without a ball, code-named "xxP". There are two types Ⅰ and Ⅱ in the standard of Japan Machinery Industry Association MAS-403: the tensioning surface of type Ⅰ pull stud is 30 °, which is used for the tensioning device without steel ball; the type Ⅱ pull The taper angle of the tightening face of the nail is 45 ° for the tightening device with steel ball. It should be noted that the head length of these two kinds of pull studs is smaller than that of the standard head of JIS B 6339: 1998 and the length of the neck is long, and the code number is "PxxT". The company is located in:
The company is located in:
The American standard AMSE B5.50-1994 has only one type of pull stud, the tension face of the pull stud has a 45 ° bevel, and there is no centering cylinder between the flange and
1, Material: 20CrMnTi
3, the type: DIN2080 pull stud
4, hardness: 56-60HRC

@ 1. High-quality low-carbon alloy just after carburizing processing thread
2 handle high hardness (wear-resistant, long service life)
3. Thread more accurate and slightly lower hardness (to protect the handle thread)
4. The lowest core hardness (impact), suitable for high-end tool holder
5. Internal quality, anti-rust effect is good, widely used abroad@ processing cryogenic treatment and thermal aging can reduce the residual stress, improve the durability and  

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